[RepRap] Stepper motors ready

Sorry for all the people who couldn’t watch the Reprap move in 3D last friday in Bilbao, it’s finally working tonight! The code to control the robot is really elegant, and it was not really hard to find the missing part to make it work properly. I’ve also add a setMax() method on the axises, … Continued

[Textmate] Arduino Bundle

After first days with the Darwin machine, it became clear that something was needed to replace the current Arduino software and upload the RepRap firmware directly from Textmate. So here comes my first Textmate Bundle, thanks to the elegant work of Arduino team to make it easier to upload program from command line: Arduino.tmbundle Once … Continued

[WordPress] Register hooks hacks

On the way to launch Live Clöthing, I had to hack this morning the register action hooks for WordPress, that don’t work as simply as excepted. ‘register_post’ action You won’t be able to add more errors in $errors if you do not make it global in register_new_user() of wp-login.php: function register_new_user($user_login, $user_email) { global $errors; … Continued

[Jabber] Delicious Bot

Because when I see a good link, my main pleasure is to send it to as many friends as possible on IM, here is a simple jabber bot I could use to also save these links to my delicious account: Download from github.com It uses jabber-bot and rdelicious gem for ruby, you just need to … Continued

[OpenID] All-in-One package to install your own server

We are going to use our own openid server for various projects, it was fairly easy to install at then end. Because sources are diffused on the net, here is a all-in-one package you’ll just need to put on your webhost to start your server: Download package Update: OpenId-Server now on Github.com Configuration In the … Continued

Indian Weekend in Asturias

Here is the video made by David from the rushes of our weekend with Mercedes in Asturias to meet Maki, a new Indianos. Everything was perfect: cider bars, local food, hiking in the mountain, asturian connection y dulce alegria! PS: estoy pensando en español cuando quierre escribir algo, probablemente vais a ver un cambio de … Continued

[Git] Gitorious on Ubuntu

This is the bash history to install and run Gitorious on a Ubuntu server (you need ruby-dev, rails, mongrel and git-core installed to continue). Some pitfalls: Texpow is not installing because of Onigurama, so download it and build it from sources Problem: “cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory – /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/oniguruma-1.1.0/lib/oregexp.so“. Solution: … Continued

[Ruby] Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec

During the rewritting of Feevy.com with Merb, I’m discovering RSpec, a framework to be sure your code behave nicely. Follow and join Feevy rewrite on Gitorious Instead of normal test-units, you describe how your app/model should behave, which give a more-human conversation when you read your test: it “should create a feed from website http://blog.feevy.com” … Continued

[OpenWrt] Command-line router

The wrt54g router is good fun for all geeks, such a versatile network component with a lot of great feature coming from the open-source scene. Learn about its history if you don’t know yet, it’s one of the greatest GPL success after its use in a commercial product (win-win situation for Linksys and open-source communauty). … Continued

[WordPress] Theme viewer plugin

Paco wanted a wordpress installation with one purpose: test different themes for the same blog. The idea was nice, but know it’s even more fun with this new plugin: user controls which theme to display on the blog they are reading. Try it yourself on lasindias.info There’re surely some more feature to add before the … Continued