[RepRap] First complete replication!

Milestone achieve by Adrian and Vik of the RepRap community, they’ve replicated entirely a Darwin machine, and this child is beginning to print itself another printer! Adrian (left) and Vik (right) with a parent RepRap machine, made on a conventional rapid prototyper, and the first complete working child RepRap machine, made by the RepRap on … Continued

[RepRap] Stepper motors ready

Sorry for all the people who couldn’t watch the Reprap move in 3D last friday in Bilbao, it’s finally working tonight! The code to control the robot is really elegant, and it was not really hard to find the missing part to make it work properly. I’ve also add a setMax() method on the axises, … Continued

[Textmate] Arduino Bundle

After first days with the Darwin machine, it became clear that something was needed to replace the current Arduino software and upload the RepRap firmware directly from Textmate. So here comes my first Textmate Bundle, thanks to the elegant work of Arduino team to make it easier to upload program from command line: Arduino.tmbundle Once … Continued

[RepRap] Mechanical machine and Wii hacks

Great news today for RepRap at Las Indias: the mechanical machine has just been ordered from BitsFromBytes, and it should arrive in Madrid in 3-4 weeks. Fully assembled and tested, in a wooden crate for easier transportation, I’ll hope to have the time to make some demo at the end of the month. What’s missing: … Continued

[RepRap] Moulded parts ready

Reprap parts are now available on www.bitsfrombytes.com and ready to order! From the Reprap Builder blog post, a complete kit with motors will be available in next days for a 300£ + VAT price, it’ll surely help a lot of reprappers who already have all electronic ready and just need all these parts to finish … Continued

[RepRap] Mould parts arrive soon

The above RepStrap is made entirely from moulded parts or off the shelf items for the couplings and timing pulleys. I intend to do mouldings of the pulleys to further drive down the cost but thought I should get something up just to let people know it was still happening! The above RepStrap does not … Continued

[RepRap] Completed Shotbot at Metalab

Few people in Vienna have just finished a RepRap Shotbot: “This was a collaborative effort with a lot of people at the metalab, grl vienna, and monochrom!” This machine will print out shotglasses this weekend at roboexotica.org This is near the RepRap Holy-Grail, I hope it would print some RepRap parts soon! The hardware in … Continued

[RepRap] Universal Board testing

I’ve been soldering up Universal Boards for RepRap all day long, and make this video of the last test: Almost all electronic is finished, just missing few resistors and heatsink for the extruder card, I fear I won’t have time to connect it to the extruder itself before leaving…

[RepRap] Extruder Kit mounted

I’ve just arrived few days ago at Madrid, and I’ve had the joy to received the RepRap Extruder Kit built this summer by RRRF! The pieces are well cut, and there is some neat mechanical design (I’m new in this domain) helping to put pieces together. The only issue has been the middle part, containing … Continued

RepRap-Fab@Home convergence

RepRap and Fab@Home are doing a great job to build an open-source solution to get a cheap fabbing solution for everybody, each one at various stage of production, each one with amazing ideas to continue the adventure? Yesterday, it was proposed to build a bridge between the 2 communities, mainly because RepRap members need some … Continued