Top 2006 ‘I like it’ Moments

Par défaut

Here is a list to be completed until 31st of December 2006.

  • Meeting again Christine after not seeing her for 2 years
  • Trip to Tenerife for Hifi workgroup
  • Having a half-hour walk every morning to go to work
  • Lots of picnics in Toulouse parks
  • Dreaming about being late at work, and waking up as a new Freelancer
  • Making cakes every week
  • Learning that my brother and Sandra are married
  • Discovering the powerful color of flowers on a macro-photo
  • Learning how to make simple origami, and having some boxes full of them to offer
  • Buying 2 20Go Ipods for my birthday, one for Joan, one for me
  • Offering a Threadless 12 month club subscription to Joan
  • Building my own home network under a Linksys WRT54GL routeur, and a real server (SVN, Wiki, VNC, VMWare, …). Really geeky but wanted this for years!
  • Hosting Fred for a few days in Toulouse, with all the needed ‘kick your ass’ reflexions he came with
  • Learning Zen with Adam Watts, and feeling dizzy or really light sometimes discovering the power of life

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