Best movies on Week 52

Par défaut

Quite a lot of great quality movies seen this last week of 2006:

The Business The Business: an english title looking like The Godfather with british spice from the 80’s. The off-voice naration might be annoying sometimes, and some plot are really easy, but the movie is still enjoyable.

Broken Flowers Broken Flowers: a great Bill Murray road trip across US, with a funny jamaican neighbor trying to help him in a quest for his old girlfriends. The end of the movie is really disappointing. Great soundtrack too, don’t forget to download it!

De battre mon coeur s'est arrete De battre mon coeur s’est arrété: Seen twice this year, enjoyed twice, great french movie to be seen again

Habana Blues Habana Blues: On the latino movie trip from Christine, here is the first catch. Some great mood to start with, but not really convincing after the middle of the movie as people are starting to be predictable (and so the end of the movie).

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