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After discovering a new aiport command line for Mac OSX, the history command told me about my recent travels:

SSID auth cipher IBSS time stamp
0: Alx 2 2 0 11/10/06 10:18
1: lasindias 3 0 0 03/09/07 00:48
2: TECOM-AH4222-79D49D 4 5 0 01/16/07 17:43
3: THOMSON 3 0 0 12/18/06 22:09
4: sternschnuppe 3 5 0 12/20/06 12:16
5: HUBTELECOM 3 0 0 12/20/06 04:54
6: AFO 4 5 0 12/18/06 18:40
7: wifipass 3 0 0 12/18/06 18:28
8: Minijoan 2 4 0 06/15/06 12:40
9: iChat Bonjour 3 0 1 11/18/06 15:39

From weblog to geolog: virtual wall maps

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How to get a virtual world wall map similar to those you can find in most of students flat? with small pins on it to celebrate reminders of excellent moments abroad?

Using google map, it’s possible to add this pins (markers) on the map, and it’s possible to add lines between these markers, so everything is there to implement basic functionnalities.

Once the basics are done, the next steps could be more interesting: how wirtual maps can extend the experience?

  • Add a slider to navigate thought time, David‘s idea with his students about extending google maps with history layers (see google market sliders);
  • Have the possibility to add future markers, so your friends – or other people – can see your plans for coming weeks. Serious privacy issues, but all the tracklog concept lay on these issues;
  • Creating a multi-layer map with friends or other people on it, there we are really near a Global Surveillance concept;
  • Color change on path, depending on the transport – plane, foot, bicycle, … – or relate to the time slider with a nice gradient.

Interesting links around the same idea:

February 2007: think and fly

Par défaut

Another month, another big adventure to remember, another travel to prepare


I’ve been looking for Chris birthday all january, and heard about it using IM and phone. After spending most of my time thinking about Berlin, and looking for new projects to get myself closer to it, David – from lasindias.com and feevy.com – offered me a weekend there after a long sleep-tight week.
Jumps and smiles, which wouldn’t leave me for days. The plane was 13 hours late and my backpack lost in Amsterdam airport for another night, I don’t care, I was there again. To be honest, I’ve been spending the week before the travel to fear another “leaving-Berlin” feeling like at the beginning of 2007. It strangely didn’t happened this way, I don’t know why and I don’t care.

Threadless: The biggest order yet
16 t-shirts in one order, it’s becoming big and international with new members from Berlin. The group-ordering website has taken a pause, and I hope to start on it again during march, at least to have some basic stuff to play with.

Fred: back to France
On a “are you lucky?” phone call, I finally got some news from Fred, who is back to Lyon until end of march. Long sleepless night at the phone


One of the hardest thing to write about is music, let’s get some exercice:

Ane Brun

Rilo Kiley





The Hero and the Crown
I was probably only at the half of the book when I wrote about it in january, now it’s finished and back to its owner. I found the best paragraph ever on page 194, maybe it was fitting perfectly my mood at the time.

Créateurs de mondes, Andreu Solé
This book has been on my desk since Piotr has return it. I’m just looking at it now, because I already know what is inside, and I’ll understand it better if I just think about it.

Le Petit Prince
I was thinking about creating a comfort-zone where I would put all kind of nice things inside, to get fresh odors from home, and feel warmer sometimes during my next trips. Le Petit Prince would have a place in this box.