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A selection of links was needed to prepare this Fab Lab creation week:

Fab Lab inventory

A full list inventory to get your Fab Lab ready for all kind of fabrications and experiments (using Internet Archives, direct link no more available)

Draft Craft Manifesto

A simple manifesto with the few rules craftmen follows when building a new toy

DHS Fab Lab

Simple tutorials for various possible production in Fab Labs

1$ microscope project

A really complete tutorial, with lots of optic knowledge to learn

Vendor list from Fab Central forum

Some vendor where to find necessary items for Fab Lab

Fabbing and Fab Lab tags on Del.icio.us

Great source for even more Fab Lab and fabbing related websites

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  1. Alejandro Rivero

    Alex, ¿como vais de links en cuanto a la parte quimica de la RepRap? esto es, productos que se pueden usar, y en que tiendas comprarlos (Riesgo, Barquillo, Gilca, etc)

    A mi me vendria bien algo de dos fases, que endurezca al mezclar y no por temperatura.

  2. Alexandre Girard

    Hi Alejandro,

    Here are some links from RepRap wiki concerning the chemical process used on the Fabbing machine we’re building:

    http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/Polymorph#Chemical_Information Polymorph chemical information
    http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/HDPE Thermoplastic used in RepRap, melting point at 110°C
    http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/RepRapOneDarwinThermoplastExtruder RepRap Extruder

    The explanations gave on the wiki seems pretty basic, perfect for chemical beginners like me 🙂

    I don’t know yet where to get all these parts, I used to go in a small shop at Toulouse, and you can get most of RepRap parts on http://parts.rrrf.org/.
    If you’re interested building a RepRap too, we could group-buy some electronics on http://www.mouser.com for cheaper transport fees.

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