[RepRap] PIC programming working!

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That was a long struggle… After testing a lot of different way to program the RepRap electronics PICs under Linux, and scouting the forum about some hints, Zach Hoeken send me an answer about the method he used few months ago: « I bit the bullet and used windows« .

How to program RepRap PICs with an Olimex PG3B programmer:

  1. Get a Windows-ready system;
  2. Download IC-Prog (and the NT/2000/XP drivers if necessary);
  3. Open IC-Prog, and set programmer as PicPro2, with inverted Data and Clock;
  4. Download RepRap firmware files from Sourceforge;
  5. Open files with IC-Prog, click ‘Program’ with the chip plugged on the programmer, and wait… Done! Repeat this step for all chips.

You can find more explanation about PG3B programming on SparkFun Electronics, they have a nice tutorial to use it on Windows.

Now, I want to come back to linux, try to make it work one way or another, and finish the electronic tests to be able to plug everything correctly and play with the software part.

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