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This weekend, we build a media center to share a 500Go disk on the network (+150Go internal drive), using Ubuntu 7.10 and various open-source software.
Here is a list of them, and some links to ease their uses.

Any advice, tools to add to this configuration? Might be really great to use the NFS as a TimeMachine, and easily back all our important data this way.

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  1. wow, sounds good i’d like to see that 🙂
    btw, ubuntu is a good distro (even if 7.10 known as gutsy is not the best) but for such a server i would have choose slackware wich is really easy to configure and is _verey_ stable.
    Debian could also be a good choice but a bit more complicate to deploy.
    that was my 2 cents 🙂

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