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Par défaut

It’s already 6 in the morning, I can clearly feel my circadian cycle drifting again in the early hours of the day, but it’s not anymore a desesperate quest for sleep, I’m back to last winter when the quiet nights were the best moment to concentrate and build up.

Enough said, here are 3 important things you’ll have to see during this month, I can’t remember when was the last time I got so much great visual information!


Totally indie movie, about a 16 years old girl in US, who gets pregnant and decides to give her child. In a refreshing way, that’s the best solution for everybody, they’re all happy about it, and they take the difficulties with some geeky humour, I liked it so much!

Imdb link (Score: 8.4)

The King of California

Same country, same young woman lifetime. After 2 years, she’s getting her father out of a mental institute, she’s made her life alone during this time. Her father is still crazy, and he’s now looking for lost spanish gold buried somewhere in California. Epic quest and crazy relationship.

Imdb link (Score: 7.1)

Enabling innovation in Europe


It’s not a movie, it’s the session I’ll remember the most from last summer CCC camp near Berlin. Paul Böhm, a founder of Metalab Vienna, shows new space for innovation actually growing up in Europe.
It particularly made me think about Las Indias, with the same philosophy inside, and in Vienna, they already have their centralized physical world with the metalab, a kind of super-growed hacking house for everybody, that I must go visit in 2008 🙂

Session webpage
Video recording (MPEG4)

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