[Blog] Feed update

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Since last week, this blog has become just an archive.

If you’re reading it using a feed reader (Google Reader, RssOwl, Netnewswire, …), you can update the feed to the new url:



Depuis la semaine dernière, ce blog n’est plus qu’une archive.

Si vous le lisez depuis un lecteur de news RSS (Google Reader, RssOwl, Netnewswire), vous pouvez mettre a jour l’adresse du fil RSS pour avoir les dernières news:


[WordPress] « Available for Hire » plugin

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It was when reading Dr Nic blog that I noticed the big banner at the bottom announcing his availability for hire.

So, after a few moment in my source editor, this banner is now available as a WordPress plugin, with few options inside WordPress admin to select the specialities you want to be hire for 🙂

Download the Plugin or Follow the project on Github