Explain it to your dog

I’ve been reading this morning an excellent piece of science about quantum physic, with this guy explaining to his dog the many-world quantum theory:

I’m sitting at the computer typing, when the dog bumps up against my legs. I look down, and she’s sniffing the floor around my feet intently.
“What are you doing down there?”
“I’m looking for steak!” she says, wagging her tail hopefully.
“I’m pretty certain that there’s no steak down there,” I say. “I’ve never eaten steak at the computer, and I’ve certainly never dropped any on the floor.”
“You did in some universe,” she says, still sniffing.
I sigh. “I’m going to move the quantum physics books to a higher shelf, so you can’t reach them.”

Check at his blog for more dog-science explanation.

CopperIt looks like it’s far more understandable when you explain it to your dog, a bit like Calvin and Hobbes explain life.

By the way, check this other comic artists, also speaking to his dog and explaining tiny bits of life: Copper

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