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FabCafé Toulouse – Un lieu pour oser et réaliser ses idées !

Financement participatif : 10€ le café.

Si on le compare au financement du THSF 2011, on peut convertir 10 bisous de staffeurs moustachus en tasse de café !

iPhones are really just shitphones from the future

Sometimes I looked at other people buried deeply in their nicer phones and felt like I had ascended, somehow, in the slightest way possible.

Excellent article, souvenir de certains passages de Fight Club.

Hands-on with Vivaldi, the new Web browser for power users

The power user’s current solution to the simplification, arguably the infantilization, of the Web browser interface is to get all those missing features back with add-ons. This works to a degree, but it introduces a ton of extra code, some of it written by programmers far less capable than those contributing to the code of Firefox or Chromium. This inevitably means add-ons slow things down. The problem is bad enough that a future version of Firefox will even have a feature dedicated to letting you know which of your add-ons is slowing you down.

Les murs se lèvent :

La visite d’État du ministre de l’Intérieur Bernard Cazeneuve chez Facebook laisse sa trace. Les gouvernements imposent les limites de certains services numériques.

Dans l’article de Facebook, la nudité est toujours liée au discours haineux.

Ghosts of Home Geography

The GPS sensor’s subsequent movements were then meant to maintain the illusion that he was still at home.

Reprise de la photo Roomba-led, le point de vue artistique illustré déjà le potentiel de détournement de cette technologie.

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