[Idea] Twitter Timezone

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One of the interesting part with Twitter is its worldwide use. On my Twitter, I usually get European twitts at the end of the afternoon, and South-American twitts during the night.

Comparing my twitting habits with those of my friends, each one of us could have a twitting timezone, that we’ll be surely different even if you live in the same ‘real’ timezone.

Here is a screenshot of what could be the result:

Twitter Timeline

It could be easily done using the API, unfortunatly, Twitter reduce the API use to one request per minute, so it’ll take one hour to build such a timezone with all your 60 friends… but I’m pretty sure someone will have fun to do something like this soon.

RSS extension: GeoRSS

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Reading about Google Maps API today, I discovered GeoRSS features:

Some simple xml elements to add in item elements:

<georss:point>43.127697 -77.573776</georss:point>

Add it to Flickr feeds with a simple attribute (georss=1): http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/[…]&format=rss_200&georss=1

WordPress extented by GeoRSS plugin can be ready in 5 minutes and do miracles.