[OpenMoko] Projects round-up

Thanks to Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz, there is actually an OpenMoko GroupSale occuring in Madrid, and 10 people will soon receive an OpenMoko FreeRunner for the joy of hacking it! I’ve spend some time on the OpenMoko wiki, and here is a list of the wonderful stuff I’ve discovered: OpenMoko projects inside Google Summer of Code…

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[Freeduino] Now on Del.icio.us

Freeduino.org is currently the best place to fetch articles and information about Arduino project. Tonight, I’ve made a simple script to move this Creative Commons index on Del.icio.us, hoping it would become a better place to fetch last Arduino information! Update: download the parser.rb script Freeduino del.icio.us

[Fabbing] Link hunting

A selection of links was needed to prepare this Fab Lab creation week: Fab Lab inventory A full list inventory to get your Fab Lab ready for all kind of fabrications and experiments (using Internet Archives, direct link no more available) Draft Craft Manifesto A simple manifesto with the few rules craftmen follows when building…

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Xmas: gifts for Web Developpers

Adaptive Layout Technique: last article from A List Apart that describes a technique to adapt your layout on the client screen resolution. This would be commonly used in coming months, bye bye fixed layout for developper/contractor screen setup; Rails Rubyisms Advent: a simple day-by-day tutorial to learn new small tips in Ruby; Rails Advent Calendar:…

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