OLPC: Nicholas Negropontes’s quote

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Nicholas Negropontes is one of the creators of the OLPC project:

« In fact, one of the saddest but most common conditions in elementary school computer labs (when they exist in the developing world), is the children are being trained to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I consider that criminal, because children should be making things, communicating, exploring, sharing, not running office automation tools. »

Source: The Sugar UI by Coding Horror

OLPC: Coming in mainstream news

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OLPC computer

2007 will be the coming of One Laptop Per Child in the mainstream news networks.

I’d like to follow on this blog the coming interesting features of this new platform, because it could be the birth of a revolution.
Just imagine how access to Information Technology could change part of this world. Some people would argue that it would be more important to bring water, food, medecine… but today all we can bring is this new computer, to a very special population: children

I predict it would be a hit, even children from occidental countries would dream about getting one of these wonderful new tech-candies. Let’s show some interesting features included in the package.

la suite…