Feevy: Eating your own dog-food

Par défaut

Because we’re currently developping some WordPress extensions for Feevy, it’s time to integrate it on this weblog too.

Feevy Sidebar Widget

First release of Feevy sidebar widget, that would people using free wordpress.com account to get Feevy in their sidebars.

To test it on your ‘own-managed’ wordpress weblog:

  • Download and install Sidebar Widget plugin. Your WordPress theme need to be compatible, or you can modify it using these instructions;
  • Download and install Feevy Sidebar Widget;
  • Configure your Feevy widget in Sidebar Widget configuration panel.

You can add up to 9 Feevy in your sidebar (or sidebars). It would be particulary useful for people using tags.

Coming plugin: Feevy Blogroll

This plugin will insert a new panel in WordPress Blogroll section, allowing you to manage your Feevy directly from your WordPress admin.

More to come soon 😉