Xmas: gifts for Web Developpers

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Always use protection

Danger! Really addictives 2006 web games

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A Christmas gift for Florent, a really addictive drug for real gamers: stupid, simple and time wasters web games.

  • Chaos Theory: A simple chain reaction game. 3 clicks to finish the game;
  • iSketch: Dessinez c’est gagné on the web, with french room to play with correct vocabulary;
  • Bendito machine: Not a game, just a super great animation;
  • zWok!: Excellent worms-like online with multiplayer gamplay and profile to upgrade. Days to waste here;
  • Nest of Moai: Just for fun. First level is a bit hard, but humour is present in the rest of the game;
  • Line Rider: Draw a line to make your slider ride his ludge. No goals, create your own, like « the biggest just ever » or « as many loops as possible« .

There is another game with a kind of spaceship drilling earth to get metal, going back to surface to buy fuel and vaious upgrade. If someone can find it for me, I’ll be grateful.

It’s a bit the opposite of ‘Humanity saves time‘ philosophy, but hey, we all love games.