Pressmark with a WordPress installation with all you need to start a social bookmarking website (like,, …).

You can see a demo of Pressmark installation on

Pressmark includes WordPress Prologue theme, which has been used by WordPress team to have a twitter-like dev-blog.
Prologue include Gravatar support, so go to upload your avatar on to have a nicer output!

If you feel like adding your own modification to the code, you can clone/fork the project on Github: All contributions will be welcomed!

Ideas to extend Pressmark:

  • Bookmarlet, Jabber bot for easy posting;
  • Import from bigger social-bookmark accounts (delicious, magnolia, …)
  • Cross-blogging to decentralized bookmark management in various blog spaces


  • Get Pressmark sources:
    • Download it from Github
    • If you’ve got git installed, clone it from Github (to easily get last updated)

      git clone git:// pressmark
  • Move the source to your webserver, ask a geek how to do it if you don’t know :)
  • WordPress configuration: copy ‘wp-config-sample.php‘ to ‘wp-config.php‘ and fill up the MySQL database information.
  • Access to the website where you’ve installed Pressmark, and begin the “2 min. installation” from WordPress
  • Now that your website is ready, go in the administration pages and activate the following options:
    • In ‘Design‘: select ‘Prologue‘ theme;
    • In ‘Setting‘: select ‘Anyone can register‘ and set the ‘New User Default Role‘ to ‘Author‘ if you want your users to post links;
    • In ‘Plugins‘: activate ‘WP-OpenID‘ plugin

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32 Responses to “[WordPress] Pressmark: Bookmarks with WordPress CMS”

  1. Scot


    I am already using wordpress and prologue. What do I need to download to add Pressmark capabilities without doing a clean wordpress install?

    Great idea!

  2. Alexandre Girard

    I’d recommend you just download the customized prologue theme from pressmark in your case, there’s no important logic outside of it (index.pp and function.php)

    God luck :)

  3. Scot

    @alexandre: and what about post-form.php? Also, how difficult would it be to include choice of ‘categories’ in the post-form? I’ve asked this at with no response.


  4. Scot

    @alexandre: follow-up…I uploaded index.php and functions.php and it throws me a syntax error on line 41. I see the use of ‘pressmark-url’ throughout index.php. Could this be an issue?


  5. Alexandre Girard

    Hi Scott,

    yes, there was a typo on line 41, a missing ‘;’, add it or sync with the last git commit.

    post-form is the form use to send the bookmark info to index.php, it would be fairly simple to add a category dropdown in it, but we prefer to use lazy tags.

  6. Scot

    @alexandre: would you be willing to point out how I might substitute “tags” or “title” with “category”? I suspect some changes in functions.php and the index page obviously.


  7. cpayment

    Alexandre Girard:
    Which version of wordpress do you used for your Pressmark?
    I have some problems using version 2.6.

  8. Ruslan

    Hi Alex,

    Yesterday I’ve installed Preessmark on my blog here

    I did everything you say in the instructions: but after installation it’s not working properly. When you press on the username or the comments (0), it sends me to the 404 page:

    Can you please tell me what I possible did wrong? And what I should do to fix it?


  9. Alx

    Hi Ruslan,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    You’re the second one today telling me about this error, I’ll investigate it tomorrow and send you some way to resolve it as soon as possible.

    Speak to you soon,


  10. dd

    Hi Alx,

    I installed the latest 2.6.2 package. Somehow everytime I try to add a link it’s redirecting me to login even when I am logged in. Any idea what i might be doing that is not right.



  11. Alx

    Thanks dd, I’m going to review it.

    DonÂŽt hesitate to fork the project on and send me your patches when you’ve got some, I’l be glad to add them on my branch 😉

  12. dd

    Hi Alex,

    I changed line 418 of wp-login.php from:

    $redirect_to = admin_url();


    $redirect_to = front_page();


  13. Alexandre Girard

    Hi dd,

    I’ll be gld to add the change in main branc, but what’s the reason?

    I avoid changing the wordpress core files unless necessary, it greatly help when it’s time to upgrade wordpress version :)

  14. dd

    Hi Alex,

    Hold on a sec on adding that. I have to fix the log out too.

    Well, from the users perspective, when they log in to tag, if they are directed to the profile page it causes confusion. The need to go to the front page.

    One solution is to have a widget like mini meta handle the redirects after log in. That is one way around not changing the core.

    Prologue might need a modification too. It might be better to show the tagging interface even when the user is not logged in. It will encourage more people to tag. One can sign them in when they click post.

    I will keep playing with it and update you.

  15. dd


    You may want to include this plugin for people who want to redirect users to their homepage after login. It also takes care of the logout re-direct. Works with WordPress 2.6.2. Don’t know about other versions.

    Sweet solution. No core file edits. Takes care of the redirects without any settings.

    Plugin Name: From Where You Came
    Version: 1.0.0
    Description: Makes the “Login” and “Logout” links take you back from where you came.
    Author: Viper007Bond
    Author URI:

    add_filter( ‘loginout’, ‘fromwhereyoucame’ );

    function fromwhereyoucame( $link ) {
    $currenturl = ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];

    if ( !is_user_logged_in() )
    $link = str_replace( ‘”>’, ‘?redirect_to=’ . urlencode( $currenturl ) . ‘”>’, $link );
    $link = str_replace( ‘”>’, ‘&redirect_to=’ . urlencode( $currenturl ) . ‘”>’, $link );

    return $link;


  16. mjg234

    I tried to download from github but neither the .zip nor .tar files seems to exist. I get a github “page not found” error.

  17. ankur

    It’s quite nice, did you also create a browser bookmarklet button to add the page you are viewing to pressmarks.


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